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Each year beginning in August, the Budget Committee begins the budgeting process for the upcoming year.  The General Fund Budget is developed considering recent year's financial expenses, projected increases in expenses received from the League of MN Cities, and other projected increases in utilities and fees.  The budget committee then analyzes the expected local government aid the City will receive, other miscellaneous revenues from licenses, fees, rents and other revenue sources.  From this information, the City can then determine the revenue that must generated from local property taxes to balance the City General Fund Budget.

A very similar budgeting process is used to develop the City Water and Sewer Fund Budgets.  It is through this budgeting process where the City determines whether it will need to raise water and sewer rates and/or base fees to cover expenses and debt service.

On this page, you will find links to the most recent operational budgets for the City of Watson.